Why Sri Lanka

Simply because it is more than an exotic island nestled by the warm caress of the Indian Ocean. It is an isle with a heritage, A multiethnic culture and is a haven treasure loved by travelers and tourists alike.Sri Lanka is a key producer of tea, gemstones, textiles, coffee, cinnamon, coconuts & rubber. This wonder which is paradise Contains exotic tropical forests and lush, diverse landscapes with much biodiversity. It is ideal for any adventure, excursion,Incentive or travel experience.

Sri Lanka known as “The pearl of Indian Ocean” amongst many other names, has a proud heritage and cultural diversity which is unique to the Island, and make it the perfect setting for your Corporate Excursion. MICE.lk is able to use these in our advantage to make your creative and cognitive experience in Sri Lanka less mundane and more exciting. The authentic experiences we provide will make a significant change in your life and help discover new challenges and make you want to come back more and more.

Come, experience the rich cultural traditions shared by all Sri Lankan cultures and gather long lasting memories for your life time.

Sri Lankan Madu River experience, Custom experiences by MICE.lk