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About MICE.lk

Be it adventure getaways with a kick, inspiring teams in a time sensitive manner, posh cocktail parties & gala events or brain stimulating exotic excursions, MICE.lk is the perfect solutions and service facilitator in the nation, and continues to touch the globe and leave our mark offering priceless and timeless experiences. You see when we say “Passionate Adventure with Purpose” we mean it.

MICE.lk is our brand for offering experiences that will change you forever… And blow your minds in the process. If you have kept your eye on our hallowed exotic paradise for your business programmes then MICE takes that extra step to nudge and tempt you to experience something uncanny and awesomely over the top. Why not spice things up a little anyway? Why settle for great when you can settle for a life altering experience?

Specializing in providing cutting edge, out of the ordinary experiences that are fun and engaging, MICE will spice up your corporate lives with some wild and wicked adventure.

MICE.lk is your one stop hub for recreational experiences during your business trip in Sri Lanka ; irrespective of size, scale, scope, theme and no matter how crazy – the truth is crazier the better!

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