Our Services

We are conducting customized Team building programmes time wise with time ranges of

  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 8 hours

We can provide games for your team for

  • 30 – 45 minutes games
  • 1 -2 hour games
  • 3 + hour games

The games can take place indoor or outdoor with or without debriefing.

All activities are experiential learning based or fun according to your requirement and blended with Sri Lankan authenticity with the use of new technology such as social media, mobile etc.

In addition, at MICE.lk we offer experiences such as,

  • Traditional Sri Lankan Procession i.e. – Perahera – An iconic part of Sri Lankan culture and history which can be recreated for guests at most locations.
  • A cultural evening where you can experience the types of traditional dance in Sri Lanka – Kandyan, Sabaragamu, Low country.
  • A Sri Lankan Martial Arts i.e. Angampora Demonstration – With interactive presentation to the audience of the historical importance of this art which has roots of over a 1000 years is a vital part of Sri Lankan History.
  • Sri Lankan Masterchef – A experience where the participants learn to cook like a local recipes
  • Bollywood night – Where you can bring out the inner item girl or baadshah in you.
  • James Bond night – Where you can bring out the inner 007 or Bond Girl in you.

Our conferences are fully equipped with modern Audio Visual Equipment including audience response systems for quizzes, etc. We also use energizers in between sessions to hype the attention of the participants.

MICE energizers, get away from office environment

Energizers and Time Sensitive Team Building: spice up your team with a vote of confidence to seize the world and conquer all. How about we give you that extra boost to get your adrenaline pumping and motors running? MICE is all about comprehensive and engaging experiences. No one mixes seriousness and fun like MICE… always keeping you on your toes while giving you the ultimate experience of a lifetime!

Team Building, Adventure, Raft Building

Adventure Trips and Inbound Experiences: They say all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy. Stephen King quotes aside very few experiences in life are on par with the raw, radical, ‘out of the box’ liberating feeling of exploring nature at its heart. Imagine an inbound experience with an authentic local flavor that’s magical and fun at the same time? Well that’s what MICE offers every step of the way: mind blowing adventures in paradise.


Audience Response System: A brilliant interactive medium for audiences to revert and respond with their feedback, opinions etc., through a specialized Audience Response System.

Concepts, Themes with sri lankan flavour


Concepts, Themes, Execution: We provide brainstormed event themes with a local flavor that are out of this world, more than a little outrageous and exciting. MICE.lk guarantees the finest fun themed events with complimentary designing to customized decor, from authentic props and ambience to media/promotional mechanisms.