Why mice

MICE.lk is the brainchild and widely successful arm of 361 Degrees, and stands at the forefront as a truly one of a kind brand that has built exceptional value as a bona fide innovator and profound trendsetter in the events industry. Therefore MICE prides itself on being the leading total solutions provider (with bark and bite!) from customizing experiences of a global scale to intimate, personalized functions for the bold and daring… For those with a fire in their hearts for something out of this world. No matter how crazy and exotic, how big or small, how wild or traditional your desire is brought to light and life by us: the undisputed face in event management giving you groundbreaking experiences that will change your corporate lives. With the finest team of event coordinators and specialists MICE is geared to provide a fully-fledged, all encompassing service complete with state of the art essentials, dynamic concepts and themes rounded by an array of amenities and operational features to give you a world class event that is truly unique and out of the ordinary. When it comes to offering perfection and superior quality MICE lives up to its reputation of tailoring Magically Interactive and Creative Experiences. Why MICE you wonder? We ask you instead – Why Not?